"where dreams become reality
where you soar to new heights
where your confidence builds
This is where your goals are achieved."
- Varsity Gymnastics Club

who we are

We provide gymnastics programs for beginners to advanced level athletes to come and achieve their goals with our trained staff. Perfected through years of experience, varsity program instruction focuses on the progression of each athlete.

Varsity Gymnastics Club is a Not for Profit Gymnastics Club operated by the UNOCAL Parents Association. The UNOCAL parents association has been supporting the competitive athletes at the U of C since 1994, they will be spearheading this program bringing their expertise in governance and fund development to the new program. 

our story

With the cancellation of the University of Calgary Competitive Gymnastics programs, the opportunity arose for the start of a new Gymnastics and Spatial awareness curriculum designed as both an introduction for children and the further development of high-performance athletes.

The University program was directed by our executive director Tony Smith for the past 30 years, Tony produced 19 National Team members, coached in 3 Olympics, 11 World Championships and was the CanadianNational Team Director for 5 years. Tony will be playing a crucial part in the development and implementation of the new program, bringing with him the best qualities of the U of C program without. Heading up our coaching staff will be 2x Olympian Nathan Gafuik of Calgary and former
U of C Women’s Head coach Joel Cornelius. 

It is important to continue with this program in the North West Calgary area, as we have been servicing the surrounding communities for almost 40 years.